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Why shop at AQ electronic

Shop at AQ electronic s.r.o. It has its advantages. Since the beginning of its existence, we have the AQ electronic focusing directly on the production company's electronic components and elements, which provide direct sales and distributors both, international manufacturing companies as well as smaller companies and individual end customer. Our customers include renowned THE INTERNATIONAL manufacturing company where we provide strategic components in precisely defined deadlines for production. Furthermore, our customers are schools, secondary as well as small traders. We offer a wide selection of products so when one order, you can not just buy parts for its future products, but also all the necessary tools and equipment, which for its operation you need. For those who prefer longer manufactured, we can offer a wide range of finished products for the workshop, household, computer equipment and audio / video.

If your enterprise exceeds the normal course purchase, you can easily go to the care of our wholesale, where you deal with individual prices and delivery terms